West Norwood Cemetery { 70 images } Created 25 Aug 2022

West Norwood Cemetery is hailed as one of London’s Magnificent Seven burial grounds. The charming Victorian era location, with extensive Gothic revival architecture, is set in the London borough of Lambeth. Images were captured through the seasons from the summer 2017 until late 2021.

The work is a candid snapshot paying particular attention to the change of seasons. West Norwood Cemetery boasts numerous Grade II and Grade II* listed buildings and structures, including a dedicated Greek Orthodox necropolis complete with listed mausoleums and monuments. Set against this backdrop of impressive sepulchral monuments of historic significance, the work concentrates on the ambience of the setting and gently flows through the seasons incorporating people who wander through its leafy grounds.

The Arts Council of England supported the work with special thanks to the Lambeth Bereavement Team. In May 2022, an archival package of 21 framed prints, 80 test prints as well as 80 digital files were donated to Lambeth Archives.

All Images © Sam Mellish 2017 - 2021
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