PROJECT - The Leap Year { 32 images } Created 30 Aug 2022

A year on from the news that Tokyo 2020 was to become the first Olympic Games to be postponed in it’s 125 year history, this work shows the resilience of British athletes from five sports return to training transitioning from Lockdown and aiming for the Tokyo Games in 2021.

Although the challenges of Covid have made planning difficult, the project grows in strength, showing the different journey each athlete is taking in preparation to represent Great Britain during the Tokyo Games. It’s not all plain sailing: for some, their selection places were confirmed, pre-pandemic, in October 2019, while others are still in the nail biting, qualification process. And for some, it’s right up to the wire.

In this unprecedented year, as Team GB celebrate 125 years of active participation in Olympic glory, and touching on their 2019 “This Is What Makes Us” campaign, this works offers a snapshot of what’s been going on behind closed doors, showing the extraordinary lengths each athlete is going through to keep at elite level and maintain the highest level of sporting ability.
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